Jun 14, 2009

Tobi, Traci, Brittyn, and my Mom Posing for my blog.. Love you guys
Rob and my grandma Brimhall after the blessing..

Brock holding Hadley at her blessing. He wanted to hold her all day but he had eaten ice cream and it was all over his face and hands. He finally got his way after washing his hands. Hopefully none of the chocolate from his face rubbed off on her white dress.


Teresa :) said...

No worries the dress some how made it through the whole day with no stains! Its amazing. :) Cute pics, did you find out if the boys made all-stars yet?

Traci said...

Whoa, im going to have to start checking everyones pics before they get posted. I love the one with Brock. He waited so long to hold her and as soon as he got her he was done.