Jun 14, 2009

Tobi, Traci, Brittyn, and my Mom Posing for my blog.. Love you guys
Rob and my grandma Brimhall after the blessing..

Brock holding Hadley at her blessing. He wanted to hold her all day but he had eaten ice cream and it was all over his face and hands. He finally got his way after washing his hands. Hopefully none of the chocolate from his face rubbed off on her white dress.

This is not the best picture because the sun was shining in their eyes but Caedon and Matthew Lamb were awarded Co Players of the 2009 little year. GOOD JOB CAEDON!!!

The boys all had an awsome year in baseball. Chase was on a machine pitch team and likes it ok, he mostly is there for the social part and to play in the dirt. Dylan was on a minor league team and played catcher, pitcher and first base. He loves it. And this is Caedons last year to play in little league because he is Twelve and moving on. He Played catcher, pitcher and short stop. He does really well and loves the game. This is a picture of some of his friends on his team. They are all fun boys and they have a good time together.

We had a chance to go to mesa for the weekend and go with Sam and Mick to the Zoo, they have season passes and they were having their members night with water activities and so we were all able to get in. It was so much fun. Brock , and Chase loved the animals and the water. Thanks Guys for taking us with you!!!

Mar 2, 2009

We went out shooting with Robs family. The weather was so nice. We had such a good time hanging out with everyone!

Jan 31, 2009

Jan 1, 2009

A day in the snow.

We all went out sledding in Pinedale, It was quite the experience, Most of us ended up getting stuck so 90 % of the time was spent pulling vehicles out! The kids didn't mind as long as they could play in the snow.